Dubrovnik Airport

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About our airport...

Dubrovnik Airport
Dubrovnik high-tariff impossibly luxurious international airport and casino was founded in 16th century by famous explorer Marco Polo on one of his renowned journeys to Middle-East. Unconquered by foreign armies before Napoleon, airport was largely unused up until 19th century mainly because no airplanes existed. That trivial fact didn’t stop our visionary management from running the airfield even before the Wright brothers. Invention of the airplane took Dubrovnik airfield to the new heights and since then business is only getting better.

Casino part is made up for sake of better sounding name, in fact gambling is strictly forbidden on airport premises especially Panini Football stickers exchanging, one of the main sources of revenue for Sticker mafia in this part of the world. Airport employs over 400 workers mainly of female gender that is why we are very proud that our football team is comprised principally of former female badminton players working undercover.

Currently we only have one half of the runway, the rest is WIP, but after completed it would be one of the longest 3.300m runways in the world spanning staggering three million, three hundred thousand and four centimetres . Interest in Dubrovnik City and region is so overwhelmingly high, that all the people trying to visit us would simply not fit in, so they must be chased away. Last year we managed to chase all but 2 million of passengers away.

...about our team

The Dubrovnik football team, if we can call this loosely gathered group a team, is assembled for the first time especially for this tournament, they have never played football let alone participated in any tournament. We kindly ask the organizers and referees to explain basic rules to the team before each match. For the preparations they will begin to run soon, hopefully not away from the pitch.

Player Profile - Vlaho Županović

1Playing position?
Substitute (Bench!!)
2Occupation at the airport?
The airport handling equipment
3How many EAFC tournament have you attended?
None. this is my first one (and favourite)
4Best Footballer of all time?
Danny Blanchflower
5Who will win the 2018 World Cup?
6Favorite football team?
Hajduk Split
7Favourite holiday location?
Cuba before Castro

"Dobrodošli u Dublin"