European Airports Football Championship 2018

18th EAFC Tournament

The 18th European Airports Football Championship will take place in Dublin Airport between Friday 15th and Sunday 17th June 2018

The tournament is open to all ACI accredited airports throughout Europe. If your airport has previously participated in the tournament or you would like to enter for the first time, download the registration form from the Registration page and return by e-mail. The tournament is open to the first 24 teams on a first come, first served basis.

The group stages of the cup & shield competition will be played on Friday & Saturday in the ALSAA Sports Complex with the finals being played in Tolka Park, Drumcondra. The home of League of Ireland side, Shelbourne FC. All games will be played on full size FIFA regulation grass pitches.

EAFC 2018 - Participating Airports

Tolka Park Stadium

Tolka Park is home to League of Ireland premier league side Shelbourne Football Club and the venue for the EAFC 2018 finals.

The stadium opened it's doors in 1928 as the first tenants, Drumcondra FC, were in their ascendency of Irish football. The stadium has hosted 2 international football games, both against Wales and a Champions League qualifying 3rd round game against Deportivo La Coruna in 2004. Tolka Park has also witnessed Jurgan Klinnsman score his very first goal for Tottenham Hotspur and the return of Roy Keane post the Saipan debacle in a Manchester Utd friendly versus Shelbourne FC.
The future of the old lady of Irish football stadia is unclear with a rumour that the stadium will be demolished over the next 5 years to accommodate new housing projects in fashionable Drumcondra. For what the stadium lacks in size when compared to the modern Wisla or Ta' Qali stadia, it more than makes up in history, and in particular, the part the ground has played in forming Irish domestic football.

Tournament Rules

1. Dates and Duration

1.1 The tournament will be staged every two years at a time to be decided by the hosting airport, in consultation with EAFC and taking into account the travel requirements of visiting teams.
1.2 The tournament will last for a maximum of three days, starting no earlier than 1000 hours on Friday and concluding no later than 1700 hours on Sunday or as may be agreed with EAFC.

2. Playing Rules

2.1 The rules of association football as published by FIFA will apply, except those rules applying to playing time and discipline.
2.2 All first round games will be of 2 x 20 minutes duration, with a 5 minute interval or as may be decided by host airport, following consultation with the EAFC.
2.3 Semi-finals and final will be of 2 x 30 minutes duration, with a 5 minute interval.
2.4 If at the end of normal playing time in the semi-final, the scores for both teams are level, extra time of 2 x 10 mins duration will be played.
2.5 If at the end of normal playing time in the final, the scores for both teams are level, the game will go straight to a penalty shoot-out as per the format in section 2.6
2.6 If at the end of extra time in the semi-final the teams are still level, the result will be decided by a penalty competition as per FIFA rules (i.e. 5 penalty attempts to each team followed by “sudden death” kicks).
2.7 If teams are level on points at the end of the first round, goal difference will decide which team or teams qualify for the next stage of the tournament. If teams tie on goal difference, the qualifying team will be that team which has scored most “goals for”. If teams are still tied a toss of a coin will decide the issue.
2.8 3 points will be awarded to the winning team for a win, 1 point will be awarded to both teams for a draw.

3. Playing Panel and Substitutes

3.1 Each team will nominate (before commencement of tournament) a maximum of eighteen (18) players to take part in the competition. Additions to the panel will not be permitted after commencement of the tournament.
3.2 All players must be employees of their airport authority or airport management company. In the case of airports with less than 1,000 employees, a minimum of eight players from the airport management company will be required. All players will be required to produce identification of their employment, before commencement of the tournament. Failure to produce satisfactory identification will result in the player(s) concerned being excluded from the competition.
3.3 Teams found to be in breach of these conditions will be disqualified from the competition.
3.4 Four substitutes will be permitted in each game. A player who is substituted during the course of a game cannot return to play in that game.

4. Discipline

4.1 The host airport organising committee will arrange for the appointment of a three-man tournament Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee will include one representative from EAFC, one representative nominated by the participating airport teams and one representative from the host airport.
4.2 The Disciplinary Committee will review all referee’s reports and decide on disciplinary action.
4.3 The decision of the Disciplinary Committee in relation to individual players sent off (red card) by referees will be final.
4.4 Players sent off (red card) during the course of a game will automatically be suspended, as a minimum, for one game.
4.5 A player who receives two cautions (yellow cards) during the course of any game, will be sent off (red card) by the referee and will automatically be suspended, as a minimum, for one game.
4.6 A player who receives two cautions (yellow cards) during the course of the tournament, will automatically, be suspended for one game.
4.7 Where disciplinary action is taken against a team, the team will have the right of appeal to the EAFC.

5. Qualifying Stages and Fixtures

5.1 The first round of the tournament will be played on a league basis. The number of teams in each section will be determined by the total number of competing teams as per schedule below:
Number of Entries Sections Qualifiers
*Less than 6 teams Each team plays all other teams Top 2 teams to qualify for final
*6-11 teams 2 sections Top 2 teams in each section to qualify for semi- finals
*12-23 teams 4 sections Top two teams in each section to qualify for second round
*24 teams or more To be decided by organising committee in consultation with the EAFC.
5.2 The draw for sections and fixtures will be made by the organising committee, in conjunction with the Secretary of the EAFA. The draw for sections in the European Airports Football Cup will take account the performance of teams in the previous tournament and of their country of origin, so as to ensure a spread of team strength and nationality.
5.3 The Dublin 2018 tournament draw will be ‘Open’ to afford an equal opportunity to all 14 teams competing in the competition.

6. Referees and Linesmen

6.1 All referees and linesmen will be appointed by a Referees Committee. The referees Committee will consist of a representative from the organising committee, a representative from EAFC and a representative from the host airports referee’s association.
6.2 All local referees will be approved by the national football association of the host airport. In the case of visiting referees, they will be approved by their national football association.
6.3 All referees shall produce official licence or letter of accreditation to Referees Committee, before the commencement of the tournament.

7. Late Starts or “No Shows”

7.1 Teams who arrive on the appointed pitch, later than 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time of a game will, if reason for delay is not accepted by Disciplinary Committee, forfeit the game and the result declared in favour of the opponents by a score line “3 goals to nil”. The official time is that of the match referee.
7.2 The ruling of the Disciplinary Committee regarding late starts or “no shows” will be final.

8. Team Colours and Numbers

8.1 The host airport team will have priority on choice of colours.
8.2 In all other cases, where teams cannot agree as a result of a clash of colours, a toss of a coin will decide the issue.
8.3 All players must wear identifying numbers on their shirts. Players must wear the same number from the commencement to the conclusion of the tournament.
8.4 The Captain of each team will wear an identifying armband.

9. European Airports Shield

9.1 All rules excepting rule 5.1 will apply to Shield Competition.
9.2 Qualifying stages and fixtures will be decided by the Organising Committee, in consultation with EAFC.

The tournament rules are available for download from the download section on the Registration page.

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